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Over Three Decades of Experience and Results

Our Programs

Packaging Design Services

Global Manufacturer to Customer Specifications

National Supply Chain Logistical Services

Packaging Supplies

  • Full-line distribution of packaging, janitorial, food service and safety supplies


  • Supply Chain “Fast Track Program” Filling the missing links in your Supply Chain – when others let you down call NPC Global and let us go to work for you!
  • Long and short-term programs with supply-chain analysis

ERA (Expense Reduction Analysis)

  • Consolidate similar products into a single offering
  • Easier to control inventories
  • Just-in-time inventories
  • Innovation in materials
  • Logistical storage alternatives

Laboratory and On-Site Field Product Analysis Services

  • Comparing “similar” supplier products for cost-saving opportunities
  • Testing of tape and poly bag/mailers and other items for both quality and cost-savings
  • Testing and measuring pallet load requirements for stretch film alternatives that are designed for your specific load requirements
  • Cost reduction analysis and recommendations for products, supply chain management and logistics

Smart Packaging

    • Consolidation of similar products into more cost effective product
  • Utilizing alternative product materials for strength and other characteristics as well as cost benefits
  • Determining the right product for the job
  • Examining strategic logistics of storage and transport
  • Cost reduction by quantity price breaks in conjunction with NPC's Stock Release Program