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Over Three Decades of Experience and Results

Business Solutions

A Message from Business Development

“It’s All About Business Solutions and the Total Customer Experience”

What drives your company? Some would say increasing sales revenue, continual improvement to bottom line, customer satisfaction, improved operations, stronger buying practices, streamlined manufacturing and sourcing, etc., etc.

These initiatives are all important, valuable and deserving of attention and consideration but when we asked our customers what their most important needs where, the overwhelming response was, “providing a broader, more cost-effective total solution while improving the overall customer experience.” Paying attention to the needs of our customers we started to plan.

As part of NPC Global’s growth initiative, our first step was defining our foundation starting point for growth. This exercise continually comes back to creating better and more cost efficient solutions which facilitates a stronger total customer experience.

Our next step was to revisit our opportunities, document what we did right and what we could improve and then outline individual department initiatives to build a stronger foundation. Departmental managers were challenged to work within their respective teams to improve the overall customer experience. By setting these departmental initiatives and procedures along with a method for check points we have built a rock-solid foundation to build future business opportunities and expansion upon.

The results so far have been additional product opportunities, stronger competitive pricing, and more robust programs. Customer service is viewed from the “customer’s viewpoint” and an overall team approach to providing an outstanding world-class total customer experience is now incorporated into our philosophy and work ethics.

The results were immediate and positive. It’s all about solutions and the total customer experience.

Challenge NPC Global with your packaging requirements and goals. I encourage you to call me directly.