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Over Three Decades of Experience and Results



Eco-FriendlyNPC Global is focused on making the right choices when it comes to the products we produce. We seek to produce products that are developed from 100% compostable materials and are alway seeking to improve our business practices that allow our customers to increase their use of sustainable materials.


One of the most efficient methods of packaging, plastics are energy efficient to manufacture and reduce the amount of delivery prices and greenhouse gas creation by it's lightness. It's durability makes it capable of being used over and over and it's ability to be recycled is growing exponentially. We prefer to use environmentally favorable products from our suppliers with high sustainability measurements.

Corrugated Cardboard

93% of corrugated cardboard containers use materials supplied by Sustainable Forestry Initiatives (SFI) program participants, who are dedicated to sustainable forestry.

NPC Global Goals

Our daily goals include reducing energy and material costs in our manufacturing, procurement and delivery processes. Along with this we aim to meet any requirements of our customers and encourage our customers with these goals.

These ideals and goals are further emphasized by our NPC Global teams and the areas of our operations.