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Out-of-This-World: Global Manufacturing

Manufacturing Solutions

Direct Manufacturing

TapeNPC Global is a direct manufacturer of high quality and cost-effective packaging products. We apply our experience,expertise and knowledge in packaging to create many private label lines of our own that are exemplary in function and priced to be efficient for your bottom line. Our products are produced to exacting specifications and are thoroughly tested for quality and performance.

Contract Manufacturing

Poly BagWe also provide contract manufacturing services for customer specific products and requirements. Our experts will develop a plan to design, manufacture, ship and distribute your packaging products.

Global Sourcing

ShipWe offer global sourcing of packaging, shipping, retail, safety and all types of industrial supplies. Our expert team identifies the best products, facilities and methods that best meet individual needs and requirements.


FastTrackNPC Global's FastTrack Team acts as our emergency response team. When a supplier or manufacturer cannot meet with your lead times or product quality, the FastTrack team can step in and quickly and efficiently fill-in the missing links in your companies supply chain.

Research & Development

ResearcherNPC’s in-house R&D team's capabilities include designing for new products, reverse engineering existing products and providing alternative solutions for products.

Laboratory Analysis

NPC Global employs both domestic and overseas laboratories to analyze the characteristics of a product so that we are able to accurately estimate costs and expectations of our products. It is another step in our carefully controlled quality program.

Quality Assurance

QualityOur 3-Phase Quality Assurance (QA) plan seeks to eliminate product defects and costly timing issues. Our expert Quality Assurance managers check for any issues at each phase before the product is packed and shipped.