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Smart Packaging

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Smart Packaging

MailerNPC's Smart Packaging works by evaluating a customer's current packaging and needs. Using this information we devise methods to save cost on materials, production, logistics, labor and warehousing. We take into consideration the materials, usage, and dimensions of the packaging and take the challenge of crafting a better solution. We are always looking for a better, cost-effective method to solve our customers supply chain needs.

By examining a customer's products that ship from multiple locations we can determine if providing an alternate packaging can save the customer money and effort thereby reducing their quantities and associated labor cost. Creating and purchasing a package at a custom size in larger quantities than using two separate packages can oftentimes create a savings. When purchased in large quantities the savings can be quite remarkable.

Whether it’s consolidating products, suggesting alternative materials, utilizing more strategic logistics, buying for quantity price breaks or utilizing NPC Global stock release programs our Smart Packaging program finds savings, improves supply chain and increases the efficiency and operation of your business. The following are benefits provided by the program:

  • Consolidation of similar products
  • Creating packaging that can serve more than one product need
  • Identifying the right product for the specific packaging needs
  • Improving the supply chain by reducing shipping costs and consolidation of packaging
  • Choosing alternative materials as well as sustainable materials