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Over Three Decades of Experience and Results

For Customers

Our Customers are Our Partners

Our experience, expertise and relationships help us to create first-class solutions for your packaging and related challenges. We offer best-in-class selection of products and custom solutions and a global distribution and manufacturing network.

Poly BagNPC Global customers enjoy the highest level of commitment that we will utilize all of our available resources to help you achieve your business goals. With programs like Expense Reduction Analysis (ERA) and Inventory Stock Release we work to maximize your bottom line. Your best interests are our top priority.

The NPC team will develop the best solution to fit your budgets, strategies and goals. We have long-standing relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers to insure a premium product. We stress being on-time and on-budget with our top quality products through our state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution centers.

Supply chain and logistics is the backbone of our business. Our 16 distribution centers are placed strategically throughout the continental United States to get your products to you whenever you need it. Coupling this with a program like Inventory Stock Release (invoicing occurs only when product is shipped) helps save you time, effort and above all else, money.

We have implemented the latest strategic sourcing and procurement strategies available today. Our eBusiness infrastructure helps solve the challenges of procurement and supply chain costs.

Our customers are our partners so we provide the highest level of support to ensure all of our relationships are long-term. We are always just a click or a quick phone call away.