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Over Three Decades of Family-Owned Trust

Industries and Markets

Retail and Mail-Order

RetailFrom colorful logo printed tissue paper, mailers, shopping bags, custom cartons, and printed security carton sealing tape to wrapping paper or plastic hangers, NPC knows retail and mail order needs. Our wide array of programs and services can cost effectively manage your supplies and efficiently manage inventory levels at both distribution centers and remote stores.


BoxNPC manufactures products including corrugated boxes, pads, foam inserts, carton sealing tape, labels, packing list envelopes, stretch and shrink film, sheeting, poly bags, and hundreds of associated products. We also provide stock and custom packaging supplies for your every requirement and with customer specific programs and services, we can cut costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Distribution, Fulfillment, Transportation

DistributionWe carry all of the necessary packaging and shipping supplies to safely move and ship your customers products including: corrugated boxes, kraft paper, wrapping newsprint, air pillows, carton sealing tape, stretch and shrink film, pallet covers, corner board and edge protectors, and packing list envelopes. For managing catalog and retail apparel products we supply a variety of co-extruded poly mailers, kraft and poly bubble mailers, poly rework bags, plastic hangers, and an assortment of chipboard shirt, neck and jacket form backers.

WrapBuilding Supply and Industrial Form Work

Products include zinc coated steel strapping for securing heavy loads to protect products from the weather to industrial grade stretch and shrink products. Our wide array of products, programs and services ensures you have the right product for the right price.

CupFood Service and Grocery

Whether it’s colorful printed FDA approved foil lined retail snack bags to custom designed FDA approved produce containers, NPC’s design team can help with your companies image and provide cost effective supply alternatives.

EngineAutomotive and Aeronautics

Our products range from from Gaylord boxes that protect engines and transmissions to the simple plastic seat protectors and coated paper floor mats that protect a vehicles interior at the service station.

Convenience Stores

Pizza BoxesFrom colorful logo printed grocery sacks, hot and cold FDA approved food containers, pizza boxes, cups and lids, ice bags to food preparation portion bags, if it’s used in a convenience store operation, then NPC Global can provide the products, services and programs to keep your chain stores ready to fill the next customer orders.


Pharma PackagingCustom pre-packs, coolers, GEL-packs, poly bags, custom printed corrugated boxes, carton sealing tape, and a wide variety of safety supplies; NPC Global supports all pharmaceutical product requirements and with our wide array of distribution centers, programs and services, your remote locations will always have the supplies needed.


Chemical PackagingOur lines include drums, polyethylene based bottles and containers, custom corrugated boxes, dividers, carton sealing tape and all necessary safety and hazardous material protection supplies. Our packaging design services and contract manufacturing ensure that NPC Global can fulfill all supply related products to help keep your plant running smoothly.

Office SuppliesOffice Supplies

NPC Global provides packaging supplies for resale to the largest national office supply store chains including boxes, bubble, mailers, carton-sealing-tape, kraft paper and many other products you will find on the shelves, on web sites, and catalogs.

Packaging Re-Distributors

BoxesPackaging redistributors rely on NPC Global for our manufactured lines of packaging which provide outstanding quality and savings. By buying direct from the original manufacturer we are able to pass on savings. Our strategic national distribution centers enables redistributors to successfully compete in their specific markets.