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Stock Release Program

NPC Global’s Stock Release Program enables our customers to gain volume discounts, decrease their supply storage space and create a stronger cash flow. This essentially creates a zero supply management time.

Our program begins by reviewing the packaging usage at all of our customer's locations. From this data we determine which supplies would benefit from the stock release program and the locations of these items. We calculate the opportunity break points for maximum savings as well as logistical savings. Customers typically benefit from the program by freeing up labor costs and storage costs within their own warehouses.

Our Stock Release Program is not a one size fits all application. We tailor each program for individual customer needs and desires such as savings and operational efficiencies. It is based on annual usage, desired order cycles, delivery locations, storage space utilization and quarterly trending amongst other criteria. After the program is instituted we monitor and adjust as necessary for maximum efficiency and cost-savings. Our team will automatically create suggestions such as product ship release orders, new product purchase orders and production order recommendations.