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Partner with Us: Laboratory Analysis

partner with us / laboratory analysis

Laboratory Analysis

NPC Global has global partnerships with Laboratories both domestic and overseas for the purpose of analyzing the products we develop. Products are tested for strength, capabilities, comparison to competitive samples and equivalent offerings.

Stretch FilmMany times customers and prospects ask for quotes on a specific item specification and get a wide variance of prices. If our quote is not within 10% or more we know that we’re not quoting apples to apples. In-house evaluation and or laboratory analysis will uncover any discrepancies between actual product specifications and what the customer believes they’re currently using.

For example, a customer requests a quote for 20 ft. by 6000 ft., 80 gauge stretch film. The current price is $35.00 per roll and our quote amounts to $40.25 per roll or 15% more than they’re currently paying. Since our pricing is very aggressive and competitive, we believe we must not be quoting the same item. By examining a sample roll, our analysis finds that the stretch film the customer believes to be 80 gauge is actually 65 gauge and the footage is 5000 ft. in length not the 6000 ft. as stated in the RFP. Our competitive quote for 65 gauge stretch film for 5000 ft. would be $33.50 which amounts to a savings of $1.50 per roll. Additionally, as a value-added service, NPC's stretch film expert performs an on-site load analysis and recommends a lower gauge high performance film that provides superior performance in comparison with additional savings.

The right product for the right job is what should determine your choice of a product and supply partner. When given the opportunity to quote on a product with the same specifications we can often suggest alternative products, provide product analysis, provide for a stock release program along with a vendor managed inventory, NPC generally provides the best overall offering of product, price and service.