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Logistics Technology

Our ever growing network of distribution points, domestic and overseas factories, supply partners and manufacturer representatives ensures that your products will be staged and inventoried at the most efficient physical location in one of our U.S. distribution centers. This ensures that required lead times including next day delivery options are met. This also provides savings throughout the supply chain with continual emphasis on fill rate, best price options and cash flow management.

NPC Global’s logistic services provides a global management program to track and monitor product from the point of origin including the more complex requirements of overseas production.

For example, a customer has a custom product with specific supply chain management and challenging logistical requirements. The product is a 3 inches by 220 yards, printed 2-color, 2.0 millimeter hot melt carton sealing tape packaged 6 rolls per sleeve with an individual bar code on each sleeve. There are 4 sleeves per case and 90 cases per pallet.

The supply chain program devised by NPC Global calls for the product to be stocked and managed at the customers three national distribution centers and be restocked with a lead time of 3 days or less.

The product must be managed from an overseas production point with a 4 week manufacturing lead time. Overseas transport generally takes another 4 weeks. Times in transit on the water vary from 2-4 weeks depending on the factory located in the country of origin. It usually takes another 1-2 days to clear customs and for the container to be picked up and delivered to NPC Global's New Jersey distribution center.

Once received by our NJ distribution center the process requires an additional day for quality assurance , inventory updating and customer shipping preparation. Delivery time to customers 3 national distribution centers add 2-3 days to the process.

From order placement to receipt at the customer location(s), the inventory management on this one product alone takes just about 9 weeks and many steps and checkpoints. Without our logistics technology managing the entire process it would take a dozen employees to manage each required step. Our global technology systems allows the professional tracking and management of hundreds of custom and or special order products along with thousands of stocking items.

Our team also examines the monthly usage trending analysis to ensure proper reorder points and these are adjusted as often as necessary. This multi-level, detail-oriented process is managed by NPC Global's program managers and supported by state-of-the-art ERP and CRM software solutions.