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Over Three Decades of Experience and Results

Our Technology

ERP (Enterprise Requirements Planning)

NPC Global utilizes Sage Software MAS90 ERP software to manage all aspects of our business including our customer's sales histories, buying habits and overall product requirements.

EDI (Electronic Data Exchange)

NPC Global supports EDI; ANSI ASC X12 for the complete order series (ORD), Warehousing Series (WAR) and Financial Series (FIN).

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

NPC utilizes Sage Software SalesLogix CRM fully integrated into our ERP solution which provides our sales and customer service teams with every contact's phone call, fax, email, activity, meeting, calendar of events, etc., since becoming a NPC customer. We maintain our customer's complete buying history including every sales order, invoice, credit, and the details of each item purchased with complete pricing history.

Our sales and customer service teams know and understand every customer contact and their needs, their individual responsibilities, hours they operate, warehouse receiving hours, products they take, equivalents that are acceptable, average order cycles, and all historical data trending to ensure that we provide the highest product fill rates, outstanding product performance and best overall service available in the industry.