Not a moment too soon. Or too late.

Get the exact packaging supplies you need, exactly when you need them, while drastically reducing on-hand inventory.

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Perfect timing, for your benefit.

Take the guesswork, backorders, storage glut, and overpriced last minute local purchases out of your packaging picture.

Our Just In Time Stocking program shifts your inventory management nonto NPC’s capable shoulders, based on criteria such as annual usage, order cycles, delivery locations, storage capacity, and quarterly trending.

Just In Time Stocking Benefits

Lower Prices

Take advantage of volume discounts, seasonal specials, and early ordering to stock up on core products—without the need to take receipt.

Cash Flow

Free up storage spaces, save on warehousing costs, and reduce labor demand. Reallocate those funds to growing your business.

Right Product,
Right Place

We review the packaging usage at each of your locations to determine which items are needed where and when —and supply them.

Automated Program Adjustments

We monitor and adjust supply for efficiency and savings, and offer suggestions such as ship release orders, new purchase orders, and production timing.

Get started
with JIT in no time.

Let’s tailor a program to your individual needs and supply ambitions. We’ll keep everything in stock. You’ll get it all when you need it. And still save money in the process.

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