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Eliminate every unnecessary mile (and complication) with NPC’s reliable Direct to Store distribution.

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How It Works

All together, for your pack.

At NPC, Direct to Store is an orchestrated effort with your manufacturers or distributors.

We can supply packaging to the production floor or warehousing facility, and then distribute your inventory to each store’s dock.

Direct to
Store Benefits

Shorter Lead
Time to Market

Move faster from purchase order to retail sale, replenish inventory quicker, and keep customers happy with more consistent stock levels.

Better Shelf Space Management

Rapidly adjust stock to match consumer interest, and always have your latest packaging and display designs on hand.

Reduced Product Damage/Loss

Direct to Store is an ideal solution for protecting against common losses, especially for perishables, fragile products, and high-ticket items.


When you cut out supply chain midpoints, you save money on warehouse storage, repacking, manual labor, and secondary distribution.


Let’s move forward as one, at once.

All for the Pack™ is our promise to treat you as valued member of the NPC tribe—across products, services, and solutions.

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