The difference between ‘we hope’ and ‘we will.’

Direct global manufacturing and powerful supply control enable us to make and keep valuable promises to you.

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Our 3-Phase QA Plan

By ensuring factory ownership, financial participation, and overseas representation, we ensure spec adherence, reliable lead times, competitive pricing, and your complete satisfaction.


At the Factory

As the first units come off the production line, we measure them against documented specs and physical current products. We  record and correct any discrepancy, and repeat until QA is approved.


At Our

We air lift production samples to our NJ headquarters to inspect and test every detail, including customer specific bar coding, case dimension, and quantities. Discrepancies are reported to the factory.


By the Customer

Verified product samples are overnighted to the end user for their review and approval. We do not release production goods for domestic delivery or overseas shipment until all 3 QA phases are signed.

Manufacturing Capabilities


With decades of packaging expertise and knowledge, we manufacture numerous lines of high-quality, cost-effective products, vall produced to exacting specs, thoroughly tested for performance, and guaranteed to deliver exemplary function and durability.

Contract Manufacturing

When you need it done, we know where and how. Take advantage of our contract manufacturing services for customer-specific products and requirements. Our experts will develop a plan to design, manufacture, ship, and distribute all your packaging products.


Unlike many competitors, we maintain a dedicated team to offer global sourcing of packaging, shipping, retail, safety and all types of industrial supplies. Our experts identify the best products, facilities and methods to meet individual needs and requirements.


Our signature FastTrack division serves as our emergency response team. When a supplier or manufacturer cannot meet your lead times or product quality, we can step in to quickly and efficiently fill missing links in your company’s supply chain.

Research &

NPC’s capabilities are materially different. Our in-house R&D team can design new products, reverse engineer (and improve on) existing products, as well as provide alternative solutions for products that are ready for improvement.


Another step in our carefully controlled quality program, we employ both domestic and overseas laboratories to analyze the characteristics of products to enable more accurate estimates of product costs and expectations.

The NPC Promise

We can and we will.

Let’s put our considerable global manufacturing power behind
your product.

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