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Manually Sealed Poly Bags

Large online catalog retailer had been using clear poly bags, printed with multi-language suffocation warning, with reverse flip on a hanging cardboard wicket header to process returns; Product returns are inspected for either resale, clearance or return to mfg – work station attendant pulls a bag of the wicket header, places inspected product into the poly bag, reverse flips the poly lip to secure product in bag and then tears a length of clear ½” or ¾” bag sealing tape from the tape roll and carefully applies the tape to the reverse flip area to completely seal the bag

Our expense reduction analysis (ERA) team studied the process and associated product costs and produced a straight forward clear poly bag on a cardboard head wicket without the reverse flip and added a lip & tape;  the added expense of the lip and tape was dramatically offset by the savings of no longer needing the bag sealing tape and by labor savings of not needing to work with the separate tape product.

Overall product cost savings, reduced work station attendant labor and increased production at each work station.