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manufacturing solutions / quality assurance

Printed TapeNPC Global's 3-Phase Quality Assurance (QA) process ensures the highest levels of product quality and satisfaction. We perform our 3-phased QA process for all new customers and new production projects.

Phase I / Factory QA
Once product starts coming off the production line, our Phase I QA is initiated. Factory QA measures the product against both documented specifications and actual current product samples. Any discrepancies are documented, corrected and the process is reinitiated until QA is approved.

Phase II / Headquarters QA
Production Samples that have passed Phase I Factory QA are sent overnight by air lift, and in the case of overseas production, to NPC Global's headquarters in New Jersey. Our QA team inspects and tests each product to the specifications and samples, including any packaging specific requirements such as customer specific bar coding, case dimension and quantity counts. Any discrepancies are reported to the factory and the process is reinitiated until it is 100% successful.

Phase II / Customer QA
With successful Phase II Headquarters QA, product samples are sent overnight to the end user for their in-person review and approval.

We do not release any factory production products for domestic delivery or overseas container shipment until all 3 Quality Assurance phases have been signed off on.

By utilizing this process and detecting any issues prior to domestic shipment or release to container for overseas delivery we eliminate costly delays and any issues are amended immediately to minimize lost time and ensuring our customer's satisfaction.

Importing product is generally a cost savings for US based suppliers, however, without factory ownership, financial factory participation or overseas factory representation, there are no assurances that your product will arrive adhering to your specifications or within the quoted lead times. Today, many companies can import themselves but very few can guarantee success and complete customer satisfaction. Our long list of national and worldwide customer references attest to our outstanding quality, competitive pricing and world class service.