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Poly BagResearch & Development

Discovering new solutions for existing packaging, and designing and developing new packaging solutions is at the very core of our business. Our focused goal is to maximize our clients bottom line and increase their packaging effectiveness and build continuity with their brand awareness.

From total makeovers to brand new products, our R&D team constantly looks for innovation and strategic, sustainable solutions in packaging and also efficiency in supply-chain economics. Collaboration with our in-house design team, Laboratory Analysis team and our expertise in manufacturing and sourcing all come together to provide an efficient, cost-effective solution .

Balancing points of distribution, investments in inventory, warehouse space management and transportation costs are all ingredients within our process. When you leverage our resources and our expertise you will minimize your packaging costs and maximize your company's efficiency.

In today's world the goals of sustainable packaging are also considered in each project we undertake. Incorporating environmentally favorable elements into the packaging supply chain helps by reducing waste and energy.